Langer Primary Academy

Maths at Langer Primary Academy


We have high ambitions for all pupils at Langer to become competent mathematicians who enjoy the subject. We want pupils to develop an ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately. We give pupils regular opportunities to develop their arithmetic skills so they are able to use these flexibly. Mathematical concepts are embedded so that children can record information and see the links between different areas in maths. We promote a love of mathematics across the school and give pupils opportunities to see how maths relates to their lives. 


We follow the National Curriculum and take an evidenced informed, mastery approach to maths. We use White Rose materials to implement the curriculum which takes a blocked approach to learning to support children to develop depth of understanding. Lessons take a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to guide children through their development of understanding of mathematical processes and concepts. Children are taught in mixed ability whole class lessons and maths is taught every day. Where possible, links are made across the curriculum and to real life experiences. We revisit key arithmetic concepts through regular tests and teaching. The curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure pupil’s progress in knowledge and understanding both through small steps over a blocked sequence as well as building upon previous learning. 


As a result of our maths teaching, children are engaged and enjoy mathematics. They see how their learning relates to previous learning and their own experiences. Learning is assessed, through summative and formative processes, and monitored to ensure that all pupils make good progress. By using the CPA approach pupils will demonstrate a good understanding of mathematical concepts. Children are confident using mathematical vocabulary to talk about their learning and can make links between topics.  

For pupils with SEND or an EHCP the curriculum will be adapted in order to meet their individual needs. Children will have a clearly sequenced pathway of progression through the curriculum. Scaffolding should offer small-step support for pupils that prompts their thinking to allow them to access the next step in learning. This could include, but is not limited to: resources, questioning, modelled examples, group work, adult intervention, mixed-attainment partners. 

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