Langer Primary Academy

House Teams


Landguard Fort is at the mouth of the River Orwell outside Felixstowe. It is one of the country’s best preserved coastal defences. Built over 450 years ago with a rich history guarding the mouth of the River Orwell from invaders!


The River Deben is a river in Suffolk. Starting to the west of Debenham and passing through Woodbridge. It turns into a tidal estuary before entering the North Sea at Felixstowe Ferry.


The River Orwell is another Suffolk river which flows through our county of Suffolk.  It broadens into an estuary at Ipswich, where the Ipswich dock has operated since the 7th century, and then flows into the North Sea at Felixstowe


Martellos are small defensive towers that were built across the UK in the 18th Century. Eight of these towers were built on the Felixstowe Peninsula. Four of these towers can still be seen on our coastline!

The children at Langer Primary Academy are divided into four house teams – Landguard, Deben, Martello and Orwell

Students will try their very best to earn badges for their house team, as well as for their own individual merit chart. Staff can distribute badges to children either for consistent good work or behaviour, or to acknowledge outstanding effort or acts of kindness in school. Team points will also be awarded at whole school events such as Sports Day.