Langer Primary Academy

Our School Dogs

At Langer, everyone can achieve.
We trust, we care, we aspire.

At Langer, one of our core values is care. Our school dogs are essential to our pupils learning how to care for animals. 

Our school dogs do the following jobs:

  • Support children to calm down when they are anxious or emotionally dysregulated
  • Offer time for a reward for success at school
  • Listen to readers
  • Play with our children and lunchtime and playtimes
  • Visit the beach with classes
  • Provide a listening ear for anyone who wants to talk to them
  • They are always pleased to see us all which reminds us that we all belong to the Langer community.

School dogs are supportive to children and adults alike. Our school dogs were featured in this article in Schools Week magazine.

We are really enjoying observing how our school puppy, Stanley, is changing as he grows up.